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Virtual 60 Minute, One on One - Shamanic Energy Healing & Divinity Session

Be Empowered - Recover lost soul parts, clear ancestral curses and disruptive energetic imprints to discover and awaken to your power and limitless possibilities. 

Start manifesting with great power, the significant changes you want to see in your life, I will show you how. ~ Master Transformation Coach and Shamanic Medicine Woman Jennifer Lewis 

Are you feeling stuck?
I can relate. I've been doing this work for almost two decades and often run into roadblocks in my own growth and progress. When this happens, I know exactly what to do. I schedule a Shamanic Energy Healing Session and Divinity Reading with my mentor.


This one on one session has the ability to spark significant changes in your life and happiness.


It helps you reset your mindset and gain clarity and the resources to help you move past your blocks whether in your relationships, health, career or even in discovering your life purpose.
This session is an important time reserved just for you to laser focus, and get help from your spirit guides and ancestors that have been entrusted with your care. These guides are of the highest vibration and want amazing outcomes to happen in your life, they want you moving forward towards your goals and desires, and it happening in the most effective and efficient way possible - Our guides are here in service to humanities highest good and here to help us become the Earth Keepers and Shamanic Wisdom Holders to impact healing on our beautiful Mother Earth- Pachamama...but they will never force or push their ways upon you. 

Listening to my podcast will get you going, watching my webinars can help too, even membership in the Shaman19 Allyu inspires change but nothing is more profound than having a personal session with Reiki Master, Shamanic Wisdom Practitioner and Granddaughter of a Native American Medicine Woman Jennifer Lewis and her helping ancestors laser focused, uninterrupted just on you and your specific needs for a solid 60 minutes of energy healing.

The sessions are structured so you can choose any area of focus you want.

  • Pick your biggest struggle
  • Pick a topic from the podcast you need help on
  • Choose an area where you need a push of motivation
  • Choose a current specific issue where you need perspective
  • Get a divinity reading to access if the path of our Shamanic Wisdom Practitioner School is right for you.


This session is yours.

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Journey to other realms for deeper insights
  • Ancestral Curse and Healing
  • Past Life Recall 
  • Divinity Oracle Reading
  • Channeling for support in learning what your ancestors want you to learn and heal in the family lineage

All the teachings and energetic healing work within the session will be based on the work I have done in recovering my own health with an Auto-Immune Disease, Hashimoto's, a near death experience that required a week long stay in the hospital, 3 blood transfusions and an emergency operation when facing that death, as well as running an International Wellness Business and International Podcast all while homeschooling my four children, working from home with clients from all over the world. My life has been filled with incredible suffering and traumas that have also come with significant spiritual gifts -

In the Inca tradition one faces death and lives to tell to gain access to the direct communication with the Spirits, I'd like to help you not have to suffer as much as I did to reach your own spiritual gifts and life purpose - I am here to serve in unconditional love and bring healing to our hearts, our homes and our beautiful Mother Earth.

Two decade worth of learning, studying with many Masters from all over the world, in many wisdom traditions and teachings, hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours invested to give you literally the best tools on the planet to have you empowered, full of vitality and power to manifest quickly with clarity within one session.

Just let me know what you want, maybe you aren't sure, maybe you only know what you don't want - I'll help you get clear on what it is you truly seek as well. 

Simply fill out the form to the right and after clicking "COMPLETE MY PURCHASE" you will be immediately taken to my online schedule to book your session time.

My work is always guaranteed. If you don't agree that the session was awesome, just let us know.

Our great Mother Earth - Pachamama needs us to release the heavy energies that keep us stuck, shedding the trauma of the past and embody our highest vibrations as Earth Keepers and Healers and walk a little lighter upon her back.

Now more than ever your spiritual gifts are needed and is the time for your greatest opportunity to make a difference in this world and in your life.

I want to share one last thing, it matters who you put your trust into. I have been trained in several healing modalities to help empower you to take back your own power and abilities to create significant and lasting change within your life. 
Say yes and start manifesting with great power, the significant changes you want to see in your life, I will show you how. ~ Master Transformation Coach and Shamanic Medicine Woman Jennifer Lewis