Where Do You Want to Manifest Happiness, Freedom & Abundance in Your Life?

Relationships, Health, Money & Deeper Spiritual Connection to Your Soul's Purpose. 

Having discovered her own deep spiritual healing with these ancient traditions, learning, mentoring and receiving initiations from true Inca Master Healer Shamans Jen is honored to share these same profound experiences with you. 

Powerful, harmonizing and effective  located just outside the Temecula Wine Country area of Southern California. (A short drive from Los Angeles, Palm Springs. Orange County & San Diego.)

Restore Your Sacred Soul Purpose & Power to Manifest Abundance in Your Relationships, Health, Business & Life

A four step process to retrieve your sacred soul connection, restore your power and clear away the negative, energy draining, intrusives that wreak havoc and imbalance in your life.

Consult the Oracle: Be Empowered with Clarity & Insight 

Using one of the most ancient forms of shamanic healing - summon immense power and wisdom to help you understand the present, heal the past and influence possibilities for your future. 


One of the ONLY AUTHENTIC Rainbow Chumpi Stone & Power Tools of the Ancient Master Healer Shamans of the Andes - Here in Southern Ca.

Initiated & using only AUTHENTIC Chumpi Stones & power tools of the ancient Master Healer Shamans of the Andes. Shaman Jen invites the Sacred Elements & Spirits of Nature to find any heavy energies known to cause disruption & imbalance w/in your body, mind, relationships, finances & spiritual connection.

Using a special technique, she then opens your Nawis (energy centers aka chakras) to cleanse, purify & restore harmony & balance to your body, mind and spirit.

To complete the ceremony she will install the Bands of Power & Protection to seal your energy field and ward off any future harmful energies that would normally find their way through your natural energetic defenses.


House / Land / Office / Property

Cleansing & Blessing

Clear unwanted energies, heal the land and feel the deep connection, harmony and love meant to be felt in your home and office. 

Shaman Jen is highly connected in the spirit world and is able to work together in harmony for transformational healings on all levels offering a proper healing for Mother Earth, the Ancestors and the Sacred Elements and discharge and cast out disruptive and heavy energies, so you can feel the love and connection you are meant to feel. These clearings & blessings are very powerful.

If you have had a death in the family, gone through a divorce, moved into a new home or are trying to sell, house clearings work.

Everything is energy and some items can hold negative energy.

 Pieces of furniture, books, jewelry even cars can hold a vibration that no longer serves you.

The work I do with the land – home moves aways unwanted vibrations so your home will feel peaceful and comfortable in deep connection to you. 


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