Choose The Energy Healing Session That is Right for You.

You can expect to be held in energy of the highest good with the purest intent of love and healing. 

During your session, Jen will consult with your Spirit Guides and the Healing Lineage and ask for guidance to be of support for your highest good. 

Restore Your Sacred Soul Purpose & Power to Manifest Abundance in Your Business & Life

A four step process to retrieve your sacred soul connection, restore your power and clear away the negative, energy draining, intrusives that wreak havoc and imbalance in your life.

Consult the Oracle: Be Empowered with Clarity & Insight 

Using one of the most ancient forms of shamanic healing - summon immense power and wisdom to help you understand the present, heal the past and influence possibilities for your future. 


Discover & Awaken your Shamanic Wisdom Gifts as a Healer

Consult the Oracle and discover if receiving the Hatun Karpay Rites of Initiation on the path of the Andean Inca Paqo & becoming certified as a Shamanic Wisdom Practitioner is right for you.

If the Spirits are in your favor of stepping onto this path , you will learn how to enroll and begin the 4 sacred paths to becoming a Shamanic Wisdom Keeper and Ancient Inca Paqo (Andean Shaman) where you will learn how to:

  • Recognize the Signs of a Shamanic Calling for Yourself & Others.
  • Access the immense power of the Nature Spirits and how to work with their healing power safely and respectively to offer healing for your client. 
  • Journey to other realms to cleanse and clear intrusive energies, do Soul Retrievals and reconnect your clients back with their power and most divine spiritual gifts. 
  • How to do journey between worlds in the Astral Plane safely.
  • How to do distance and in person healings with special wisdom to bridge the 7 healing colors of the rainbow with the seven chakra points in your clients body & transmit special energies of harmony and protection. 
  • Understand more deeply the ceremonies, energetic transmissions and Initiations used on your healing path to access higher realms of healing and wisdom.

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