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They give you their everything and bring you so much peace, joy and happiness....It's time to give back to them in a much bigger way.  

The Equine Shaman -Shamanic Energy Healing for Horses and Their People

Shamanic Energy Medicine has been around for hundreds of thousands of years and can help to restore the natural balance, harmony and well-being of you and your horse.
Shamanic energy cleansing can help to remove the stress of toxic energy imprints that can overwhelm the horse and rider, leading to behavior issues, under-performance, distraction, disconnection, flighty behavior, poor digestion and increased Vet and Chiropractic visits. 
Jennifer Lewis; Founder of Equine Spirit Energy Medicine, former 501(c)3 Animal Sanctuary Director,  
Shamanic Energy Practitioner, Animal Communicator and Horsewoman for over 35 years   

We all know the type of horse that goes above and beyond to give us their everything, there is something so special about their presence, you can just feel it.

We all know the type of horse that goes above and beyond to give us their everything, there is something so special about their presence, you can just feel it.

But maybe they have an old injury that is bringing them some pain, a past where they were neglected and their nutrient absorption could be improved, or odd symptoms that you may not know or understand why it is, this is where Shamanic Energy Medicine can truly help harmonize your horses well-being. 

Shamanic Energy Medicine can help make your efforts for their well-being go a lot further, and sometimes even get quicker results alongside their Veterinary and Chiropractic Care.  

Horses have huge energy fields that allow them to be amazing therapeutic partners, but that same energy field can become over-burdened and filled with heavy energy imprints that cause disruption to their health,  performance, connection with you and behaviors.

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Shamanic Energy Healing Services for 501(c)3 Horse Rescues



Special Services for 501(c)3 Horse Rescues

Coming from animal rescue myself, I closed the doors on my animal sanctuary in 2020, energy healing and animal communication is how I continue to give back to the animals in the best way I can. 


  • Shamanic Energy Medicine can help horses get adopted quicker into the perfect home, put on weight easier, feel more relaxed and safe, allow for better connection to their people 


  • Cleanse & Release the toxic, heavy energy caused by neglect, starvation, physical abuse and other traumatic experiences like unhealthy environments, long distance trailering, accidents, surgery, grief, illness and more.


  • Animal Communication &  Intuitive Scans for Pain and Discomforts can often relay and translate information that your horse may not be able to tell you 

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