Heartfelt Testimonies

"The most powerful tool I use is in my Shamanic Energy Healing Practice is the ability to see the unseen intrusive energies floating around in our energy fields, creating the havoc and disruption that traditional practices simply do not address." Shaman Jen

"Dr. Wessling recommended I see her for pain I was having in my gut. Jennifer and I worked together for 12 weeks. She taught me to recognize what foods to eat for my body and how to balance my gut health without overhauling my life -and by the time I went back for my GI scans, I was no longer in pain and my scans all came back clear." RENNE - TEACHER

"Jen helped me believe in myself again. I had become so depressed and simply going through the motions. Not only did I lose weight, but I gained a happier outlook and feel good in my skin again."

"Working with Jen I organized my life and finally got to finish my Doctorate, I'd been wanting to complete and putting off for lack of time for the last two years."

"Best investment ever!! I had become so insecure I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. Jen taught me how to discover and eat the right foods for my body and it helped me gain my energy and vitality back...not to mention gave a nice boost to my libido. "

"I slept like a baby last night for the first time in years!!"

"I knew in order to build my business I had to get paying clients, yet I felt stuck. I was self conscious about how I looked on screen, and dreaded the idea of putting any kind of ads with my face on it, or Instagram lives and talk about my business - forget it, I just kept posting and nothing was happening! I had this driving passion to make a difference but I kept getting in my own way.

Jen helped me UNCOVER and REMOVE the real blocks that were getting in my way. I doubled the amount of paying clients and made more money in one month than I did in all of the last two quarters! 

Book a Virtual Shamanic Session and discover what is truly blocking you from living your best life in harmony in your relationship, career and body.

There are hidden intrusive energies that plague our life with disharmony until we discover and remove them. The most powerful tool I use is the ability to see the unseen floating around in our energy fields, creating the havoc and disruption that traditional practices simply do not address.

"I'm eating so much cleaner, I feel healthier and have doubled my energy!"

"I went to Glenn Ivy this past weekend with girlfriends and we lounged in our bathing suits, played in the mud and for the first time ever, I was confident! I didn't feel self conscious about how I looked - I guess losing 57lbs will do that for you- Thank you so much Jen, I can't tell you how much your coaching has impacted my life for good!" 

"I was so tired of struggling all the time. Life was overwhelming and it didn't feel like I ever had enough time or energy for me. I have big goals to build an amazing business. Ever since working with Jen I have increased my vitality, lost the weight, and attract the clients I WANT to work with! I even landed a year long contract that was the biggest profit since I've been in business! "

Tina Marie
Spiritual Wealth Coach

Experience Shamanic Energy Healing and Learn How to Uncover and Remove Your Limiting Blocks That Are Preventing You From Living Your Best Life!



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