Experience What True Peace, Joy and Abundance Feels Like with Inca Energy Medicine.

The Master Shamans and Advisors of the Great Inca Empire preserved and passed down their teachings for a time when it would be most needed to heal Mother Earth, that time is now.

Discover Your Soul's Purpose and the Power to Transform your Health, Happiness and Relationships.

Book your free 15 minute phone session and discover how this ancient energy medicine that helped to build places like Machu Pichu and the great Inca Empire can help you.

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Escape from Stress and Experience True Wellness

Our Shamanic Wellness Center is located in Southern California, just a short drive from Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego and Orange County.

Nusta Paqo of the Kiki, Quero Apaza Lineage, Shamanic Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor and Integrative Nutrition Coach, Jennifer Lewis.

Whether you are struggling with your health, your mind, your relationships or longing to discover your life's true purpose, Shamanic Energy Medicine can help.

Discover your own power to restore peace, joy, happiness and vitality in body, mind, emotions and relationships.

HavIng gone through several health crisis' and becoming a widow after 23 with my husband, I am no stranger to suffering and the "hucha," heavy energy it creates.

I speak first hand experience to the power of this Earth Medicine and it's ability to clear this heavy energy and heal your connection to Pachamama, the true source of transformation for your health, your family and all areas of your life.

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"The best part wasn't just about the healed relationships I experienced, but the confidence I gained and a true belief in myself and what I am able to accomplish. "


"Mind, Body and Spiritual connection is at the core of her work, it's the missing link to the traditional approach. "

Spiritual Entrepreneur

"Deeply spiritual, intuitive and connected, she just gets me"

Yoga Teacher

"Working with Jen helped clear my foggy mind and gain the confidence to move forward in my business. She reminded me of the IMPORTANCE of my SPIRITUAL ABILITIES and how I would combine and include them as a Licensed Therapist."

Thania Barceleau
Licensed Psychotherapist & Shamanic Healer

"I’ve been on a journey of discovering who I’ve become and what my purpose is in this lifetime for the past 5 years. I was lucky enough to have met Jennifer along the way. My first session with her left me feeling more aware about my own strengths and reminded me how powerful I was. What is more, speaking with her is like talking to a good friend. That quality is so important to me especially when we are most vulnerable and looking to someone else for help and guidance. Thank you Jennifer with all my heart!"

Registered Nurse & Shaman

"Dr. Wessling recommended I see her for pain I was having in my gut and abnormalities he found on my scans. Jennifer and I worked together for 12 weeks and by the time I went back for my GI scans, I was no longer in pain and my scans all came back clear."

Head Teacher Trainer

"I am grateful we took the recommendation of Dr. Wessling, and began our work with you. Our son is no longer facing the fear of expulsion, but now receives awards from the Principal's office instead. I hope you take great pleasure in knowing you changed the life of one little boy. "

Betsy Licker
Immigration Attorney At Law

The Inca Shamans believe it is the heavy energy they call hucha that is creating the great imbalance upon Pachamama, therefore making us sick, disrupting our relationships and disconnecting our Spirit from what is most important - Shamanic Energy Medicine works at the energetic level and clears this hucha, helping you to bring back balance and harmony in all areas of your life.

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