Shamanic Wisdom Initiations to Heal Your Soul and Empower Your Life.

Abundant love, freedom and joy are your birthright & you have the power to manifest it...I'd love to show you how.

You have a Sacred Soul Calling and the world needs what you have to offer.

Each of us has a Sacred Soul Contract with Divine Work we agreed to do and the Wise Ones are relentless until we say yes and do it.

"If we haven't realized the full potential of our gifts, we stay stuck playing small in a game that as Healers, we should be ALL IN..." 

As a Healer your work is sacred and all ego aside it's needed, now. And I'm here to assure you that once you have cleared the karmic wounds of your past lives as a healer, and become that clear vessel and channel of light, you will know it.  

Sacred Soul Work has very little to do with you and everything to do with bringing healing to our DIVINE MOTHER EARTH. And yet too many of us have wasted so much time not fully realizing our gifts and offering them in service to others. 

Maybe you are like me and have invested thousands and thousands of dollars in education. Enrolling in each program wanting to know more and more about your life's work as a Healer.


Maybe you don't consciously know where your path is leading you, but you know in the core of your being...this is the work you came here to do and you are going to be the best you can be at doing it.

My path as a Shamanic Healer took years to discover and more time, energy and money than I'd like to admit and quite frankly, it took ridiculous amounts of suffering, lifetimes in fact that I had to overcome before fully realizing who I am.

I don't want you to struggle like I did for far too long - hiding out, unsure of my gifts and certainly not sharing them to the best of my ability. Do any of us really have time for that?


I want to offer you the same gift that finally made the shift and brought the joy and harmony I'd been seeking for so long.

It's time you AWAKEN and DISCOVER the TRUTH of who you are.




Even four decades of learning couldn't give me what this accidental discovery of Ancient Wisdom & Powerful Initiation would finally give me access to and what I now offer to you: 


The Secret to SACRED SOUL CONNECTION and the Power to create the ABUNDANCE in your life: 

Your Sacred Soul Contract is to heal and you can't do that with a piece of your soul stuck in the fear of the past, that's why we're going straight to the source.


  • Step One: I energetically track the disempowering & interfering energetic imprints that caused your Soul Loss many lifetimes ago and leaves you open to more attacks from the intrusive energies that continue to cause disruption in your life.
  • Step Two: We journey to other realms and open up direct channels of communication to you and your Guardians and the Powerful Spirits, Elders and Apu's within the Lineage that I work with and ask for their help to discover and heal the ancestral curses and energetic attachments that will make it safe for your soul to return. We make offerings and make it sweet for your soul and the highest vibration energies to remain near you and help you.
  • Step Three: I install powerful energetic transmissions that initiate you to reach the wisdom and healings found within higher realms that help you do the sacred work you came to do with clarity and ease. Asking for them to give you the strength, protection and energy and a clear message to support your highest good to do it. 
  • Step Four: You will then have the opportunity to receive Mosyok Initiations that offer an unforgettable experience to connect you with your most powerful Spirit Guides and High Vibrational Connections. With these initiations you will be empowered to become a clear vessel of light and connect with the Highest Vibrational Beings that can help guide you on your path to manifesting your highest levels of success and abundance in love, life and business and to help others do the same.  

"Empowered with NEW Energetic Transmissions and Initiations, you will have the power to connect with High Vibrational Beings and access higher realms of Wisdom and Healing on your path to ABUNDANCE in love, life and business."

❖   ❖   ❖


Please understand this is incredibly powerful and intense work and requires a certain level of COMMITMENT and PARTNERSHIP -

I offer the Initiations and energetic transmissions that give you opportunity for rapid transformation but the commitment to keep it is yours. 




I will give you the resources I used to cleanse the lifetimes of the heavy energy build up that created so much havoc in my life and were the cause of my struggle with addiction, inability to lose weight, and almost losing my marriage and Soul Mate after 25 years together in this life.

I want to empower you with these resources not only for your own life but so that you can offer them to others as well.



For this reason I also want to mention, that while yes, you can receive Soul Retrieval work with any practicing Shaman... The type of Shaman that you work with matters....and I mean REALLY matters. A certification does not make someone a true Shaman and someone with that kind of power has the ability to create true healing or true deconstruction of your life...Make sure that who you work with keeps the power in your own hands and how to use it to create LOVE and LIGHT with PURE spiritual connection to bring healing and goodness into your life.

*This is energetic work and what your healer carries in their field will be passed along to you, be sure to only work with those with the purest of intention and living the life you truly want to lead. 


Often we spend a lifetime of learning, but we only gain knowledge in our head - We must connect back into our hearts and soul if we are to experience the harmony of Healthy Times and Many Lifetimes of Joy.




As a Healer, who just simply started out as a Mom seeking answers to her own health and how not to pass the same suffering onto her children, I understand the value of the work you and I are here to do.

Your work is SIGNIFICANT and NEEDED. I want to be of service to you not only because it is needed, but I want my granddaughter (who is just 2 years old) to live in a world full of healthy and happy people generating HEALTH and HAPPINESS for ourselves, each other and our beautiful Mother Earth for many, many lifetimes to come.

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"The best part wasn't just about the healed relationships I experienced, but the confidence I gained and a true belief in myself and what I am able to accomplish. "


"Mind, Body and Spiritual connection is at the core of her work, it's the missing link to the traditional approach. "

Spiritual Entrepreneur

"Deeply spiritual, intuitive and connected, she just gets me"

Yoga Teacher

"Working with Jen helped clear my foggy mind and gain the confidence to move forward in my business. She reminded me of the IMPORTANCE of my SPIRITUAL ABILITIES and how I would combine and include them as a Licensed Therapist."

Thania Barceleau
Licensed Psychotherapist & Shamanic Healer

"I’ve been on a journey of discovering who I’ve become and what my purpose is in this lifetime for the past 5 years. I was lucky enough to have met Jennifer along the way. My first session with her left me feeling more aware about my own strengths and reminded me how powerful I was. What is more, speaking with her is like talking to a good friend. That quality is so important to me especially when we are most vulnerable and looking to someone else for help and guidance. Thank you Jennifer with all my heart!"

Registered Nurse & Shaman

"Dr. Wessling recommended I see her for pain I was having in my gut and abnormalities he found on my scans. Jennifer and I worked together for 12 weeks and by the time I went back for my GI scans, I was no longer in pain and my scans all came back clear."

Head Teacher Trainer

"I am grateful we took the recommendation of Dr. Wessling, and began our work with you. Our son is no longer facing the fear of expulsion, but now receives awards from the Principal's office instead. I hope you take great pleasure in knowing you changed the life of one little boy. "

Betsy Licker
Immigration Attorney At Law

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