3 Ways to Take Back Your Power and Create a Better World for Our Children


If there ever was an urgent time to stand in your power, and do what you came there to do, it is now. 

The mental illness in our country is at an all time high and it is destroying our children, our health, our relationships and frankly Mother Earth. 


There is a real urgency for change, for all of us to stand in our own essence and begin anew. Great medicine men and women all over the world are calling for each of us to become, "The one you are waiting for," rather than wait for a savior, a pill, or someone else to do something about it, step into your own power to heal and do something different.


As a society we know change is vital, we see our children's safety being threatened, we feel the unrest deep within our soul, and know something needs to be done.

Physics teaches us that all action has a reaction, and if the majority of us remember who we truly are and step into real power, the scales can begin to tip back into our favor, and real life sustaining healing can happen for our children and their future. 


Where to Begin:

 1. Just Start. make a choice and don't look back, invest in learning about the natural ways of Mother Earth and how she can sustain your health, mental wellness and abundant well-being - part of what we see happening is caused by our disconnection from her source. 


2. Stop using your financial means to support big Pharma and other corporations and organizations that are designed to keep you addicted and dependent on them.

Spirit and Mother Earth's healing power and support are available to us all. This universal power doesn't judge whether you are good enough or righteous enough for it's love, its just there, supporting you in every single breathe you take, every bite of food you put in your mouth, the water you drink and so on, it is that easy - make good choices that support your highest good and turn towards it.

I am not saying don't take your medication, or insight anarchy, just use your power of choice to choose wisely, and if medication is necessary, make the lifestyle choices alongside the medication to best support your health too.


3. Heal Your Fears & Use Your Strengths to Make a Difference. 

The thing you fear most about yourself, may actually be your greatest gift and what you are being called to use to help others during these cataclysmic times.

A personal story: before my husband's death we were in a bad place, when I stepped onto my path and awakened my partnership with Mother Earth and the Elements, it filled my light body with immense power and it triggered us both. 

Within our luminous energy body we carry imprints of trauma, and alive and thriving within these imprints is a fear of and anger at the mis-use of power - hence our trigger.

Anger, fear, fight, flight, isolation, competition, the need to hide our true selves, conform to the systems of society, or rebel against them are all coping mechanisms of survival - a powerful entity that left unbalanced will continue to work against us.


In order for us to heal as a society, we've got to understand our own abilities and it starts at the source within ourselves.

Healing our deep rooted systems of fear and control, the negative emotions associated with them, and the energy it brings to our body and mind will have a huge, lasting impact on the future of our children.

When you are able to clear your energy field of that heavy, dis-ease, life draining energy, you will feel instead the life giving essence of the most beautiful energy, one that is filled with beauty, vibrancy, and unconditional love.

Not only does it affect you, it begins to impact those around you too, wherever you go - another reason to connect more deeply with Mother Earth and allow her to sustain you as you do what you came here to do. 

In Munay,


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