Transform Your Mental Well Being With Shamanic Energy Medicine

I used to wonder if life simply meant getting comfortable with overwhelm and the need to overcome yet another challenge, I hear it from my clients almost on the daily, how hard life really can be. We do our best to stay positive in the face of challenges, but sometimes we need a little extra support.

My own health and mental crisis is actually what set me on my path of discovering shamanic wisdom and energy medicine, seeking answers that western medicine just didn't have for me or my clients anymore.

After facing a near death experience with the birth of my son, a scary Cancer diagnosis, two Autoimmune Diseases, Anxiety, PMS and Obesity, I was a hot mess and desperate for answers.


I was done with the pain and traditional Western Medicine's bandaids and the therapy that just wasn't working anymore. I wanted to get to the real root of my suffering and transform it to something much more life giving and empowering.

Ultimately great challenges are an invitation directly from Spirit, asking you to wake up and step into your own power to co-create and experience a deeper level of peace, freedom and contentment while living life at its fullest. 

I initially began studying Inca Shamanism, not as a means for offer healing to anyone else, but because it presented a way to better understand myself, end the suffering I had endured physically, emotionally and spiritually, and make friends with my sensitivity that I no longer needed to run from or stuff down.


Shamanic energy medicine gave me hope, deeper connection and trust in my intuition, and finally the answers I had been seeking for so long and now offer to you... 

Earth Medicine, aka shamanism has been cherished and protected by indigenous people all over the world, for great reason, it's not a trend or something to be treated lightly, it is very real power to transform and transmute energy and ultimately change lives.

I have experienced first hand and witnessed client's rapid transformation with renewal to their health, vitality and wellness that this shamanic energy medicine offers for our lives. 


By now you may be wondering:


  • Will it help you? I will answer from personal experience here, short answer yes, if you actually do what is revealed and follow the instructions given. If you think it is just a quick fix with no further commitment, or action needed for appropriate change necessary, no.
  • WHAT is it, HOW does it work? I have found that sometimes over-explaining or even trying to use words to describe something that is meant to be experienced, can cause limitations. Our western minds needs to understand every single detail from an intellectual place, this work goes beyond the limited perception of the mind and is meant to be felt.
  • What is the First Step? Schedule your "Coca Leaf Reading and Counseling Session" Gain personal insight and clarity for your next steps for greater transformation, ask questions about your health, career, relationships, life purpose, spiritual gifts etc..
  • Not Sure Yet? That's okay, I have been in the place before, I literally had tried everything, investing a great deal of money and tempted to quit, but there was a knowing in me that whispered, "just listen and trust...if you don't keep going, what is your other option".... but if you're still not sure and want to ask further questions, email me at [email protected] or schedule a 15 minute phone consultation. 


Please know that something very powerful happens when you follow intention with action taken, it sends energy into motion, a living prayer to a very responsive universe, that translates action more than desire and what you truly want to experience in life.



In Munay, (The Service of Love)



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