3 Ways to Take Back Your Power and Create a Better World for Our Children


If there ever was an urgent time to stand in your power, and do what you came there to do, it is now. 

The mental illness in our country is at an all time high and it is destroying our children, our health, our relationships and frankly Mother Earth. 


There is a real urgency for change, for all of us to stand in our own essence and begin anew. Great medicine men and women all over the world are calling for each of us to become, "The one you are waiting for," rather than wait for a savior, a pill, or someone else to do something about it, step into your own power to heal and do something different.


As a society we know change is vital, we see our children's safety being threatened, we feel the unrest deep within our soul, and know something needs to be done.

Physics teaches us that all action has a reaction, and if the majority of us remember who we truly are and step into real power, the scales can begin to tip back into our favor, and...

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