Transform Your Mental Well Being With Shamanic Energy Medicine

I used to wonder if life simply meant getting comfortable with overwhelm and the need to overcome yet another challenge, I hear it from my clients almost on the daily, how hard life really can be. We do our best to stay positive in the face of challenges, but sometimes we need a little extra support.

My own health and mental crisis is actually what set me on my path of discovering shamanic wisdom and energy medicine, seeking answers that western medicine just didn't have for me or my clients anymore.

After facing a near death experience with the birth of my son, a scary Cancer diagnosis, two Autoimmune Diseases, Anxiety, PMS and Obesity, I was a hot mess and desperate for answers.


I was done with the pain and traditional Western Medicine's bandaids and the therapy that just wasn't working anymore. I wanted to get to the real root of my suffering and transform it to something much more life giving and empowering.

Ultimately great challenges are an...

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Ritual #3: Truth or Dare and Your Secret Map to Success

Now comes the good stuff, it's time to practice some serious transformational magic! Don't worry if you've missed the first two rituals you can find them below.


It's time my friend to get real about who you are and what you want, no more hiding and living behind someone else's veil.

Today's Empath Woman Awaken Ritual is going to teach you how to shed the old stories that keep you stuck, and embark on a new empowering journey.

Get out your journal, it's time to reach into the depths of your soul and uncover what it is you truly want and how you are going to get there.


Ritual #3: Authenticity Truth or Dare 

In this exercise I'm going to ask you to look at the POSSIBILITIES before the probability!

You're about to put the cart WAAAAAAYYYYY before the horse!

If one of my students had only focused on what was probable, do you think she'd  be making 6 figures a year, only working 12 days a month and spending the rest of her time with her family and horses....

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