Soul Loss, The Night of My Husband's Death

I got the call from our fifteen year old daughter, "Have you heard from Dad, he was supposed to pick me up and he didn't show up." My stomach began to twist into knots, my husband was not the kind of man who didn't show up for our kids.

A bit of paralysis, a feeling in my stomach, a tightness in my chest, I had to force myself to breath...

The phone range again, this time my oldest daughter, "I can't find dad, where is dad,", she was getting in the car to go look for him. Twenty minutes later I get the call of her screaming in a panic.

A numbness began to take over, "Are you sure, how do you know!!" Then the Officer gets on the phone, "Mrs. Lewis is your husband a Sergeant with the City of Riverside Police Department, I'm sorry there is no easy way to tell you this." My daughter Kayla, screaming, it's dad, it's dad, I can see him, it's dad!"

Powerlessness, fear, rage....How is this even happening? 

NO, it's not supposed to happen like this!

He was the one who was supposed to be...

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Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine - Mend Your Past and Clear the Way For Healing.

As part of many Shamanic cultures a person is called to be a Shaman by their village or tribe when the person chosen has faced death and lived to tell about it. 

The tribe believes the spirits took mercy on the healer and helped them live with the agreement that they would heal others with the help of their power animals and spirits. It became a working agreement between the Shaman and the Spirits.

Part of my path as an Energy Healer and Shamanic Medicine Practitioner started a lot like these chosen Shaman.

A childhood filled with both physical and emotional abuse, sexual assaults and finally a near death experience where I lost every ounce of blood in my body and then some, woke me up enough to understand life was about more than I had been struggling with.

It took a near death experience to help me recognize that there is more to our existence and I hadn't been using my rightful power, although admittedly it took years before I would truly understand how to use it. 


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