My Top 3 Tips to Live Life Un-Harnessed and Manifest Your Dreams

Create the vision, hold it in your mind's eye and then poof all your dreams come true. Is it really that easy?

Dear Sister Friend, I wish I could tell you so. 

The truth is that manifesting what you want in life, whether it's a fatter bank account, thinner waistline, a more loving relationship or creating heart centered business doing what you love, takes more than just a hope and dream.

Creating a life you love takes vision, commitment to do the work and full trust in who YOU are, and what you are being called to do. 

I want you to really meditate on this last statement I gave you.

The three parts required of you:

  • Create Your Ideal Vision
  • Stay Committed, No Matter What
  • Fully Trust in Who You Are and What You Are Being Called to Do

Often we give our power away, unknowingly of course.

We tell people our dreams and goals, and then they say something that we take to heart, because we think they know better than us, but they don't always. 

This is why discernment and knowing how to hear your own spiritual guides is so valuable.

Other people don't know your heart, they only know their own limitations and insecurities and they project that onto you with their opinions.

Well intending people, teachers, mentors, friends, parents, children, usually the people that mean the most to us, are the one's that have the most influence over us and the potential to take our power away....if we let them. 

Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about and put it into perspective.

I had a session with one of my teachers yesterday, and she said to me, "You can't possibly do it all, you can't keep up with being a mom, a wife, running an animal rescue with over 35 animals, keep your house and run a Shamanic healing, teaching and coaching practice." 

I listened to her, because all interaction is an opportunity for growth and I was meant to hear it, but because of the work I've done in my own healing journey, my trust and belief comes from within. I don't need other people's permission to go after my dreams and neither do you, bottom line I'm already doing it and succeeding, and if you are taking the smallest of steps toward your goals, so are you!

You know your heart, you know what you have accomplished in your past.

You have the ability to create a clear vision of your future and commitment to your own goals and follow what is on your heart...no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

Getting to the place within yourself that you believe in you and your commitment to do what it takes, is where all the magic happens.

You have been given the call, the desire, the gifts to do what is being asked of you.

You have the right to say no, you don't have to accept this call. 

Or you can say yes, and create the boundaries and ideal vision of what exactly it looks like in your life.  It doesn't have to be ALL-IN and number one, it can simply mean saying yes to one part of that vision, TODAY. 

You and I both have fear, we want to belong, we want to feel safe and often human nature is to mask the parts of ourselves that we think people will judge. I mean jeez that's what I did for years...I kind of forgot who I was. People may judge, but they are judging themselves, not you. 

Today I am asking you to remember who you are, set the intention that you are ready, listen for the call and follow it.

Success isn't a final destination, success is found in the journey, in learning and growing and honoring all parts of your being, your shadow, your light and the energetic alignment that is happening all around you.





P.s During this journey I want you to know mistakes will be made. Give yourself permission to get it wrong, to learn, grow and understand that perfection is found after many, many failed attempts. I mean jeez even God wiped out entire species of people and started over, why on Earth do you feel like you have to get it right from the start? 

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