Episode 010: The Secret to Setting Boundaries for Greater Spiritual Connection w/ Whitney McNeill


Hey There Friend! 

How is this full moon, Mercury Retrograding, high vibing week treating you?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling it.

You'll hear in this podcast how retrograde almost got to our recording, but we made it and you get to listen in because of it! (Although my brand new 4 month old Macbook Pro didn't survive!)


Let's chat boundaries shall we? 

Do you say, "Yes" when you really want to say "No"?

Or say "No" without guilt or explanation?

Do you hold space for yourself and show up for you the same enthusiastic way you do for everyone else? 

Do you feel overwhelmed with all you do, and don't seem to be getting where you want to be?


This week's podcast episode of The Empath Woman Awaken Podcast is about setting and keeping boundaries for a more aligned and blissful life.


Learning to set boundaries is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, so why then is setting them so hard?

Let both my special guest Whitney McNeill of Messenger of Spirit, and I teach you how to tap into your higher power, and set boundaries that can often lead to happier relationships, greater success, and a healthier and happier life.


In this Podcast episode I teach you:

  • To set both energetic and physical boundaries that lead to even deeper spiritual connection and even more clarity and alignment.
  • To get into the space where everything seems to fall into place in your relationships, your career, and your finances in what feels almost effortless.
  • Learn how you can stay on your spiritual path, so you don't feel like you're driving through life with a blindfold on, no idea of where you are going.


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Until next time! Blessings friends,




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