Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine - Mend Your Past and Clear the Way For Healing.

As part of many Shamanic cultures a person is called to be a Shaman by their village or tribe when the person chosen has faced death and lived to tell about it. 

The tribe believes the spirits took mercy on the healer and helped them live with the agreement that they would heal others with the help of their power animals and spirits. It became a working agreement between the Shaman and the Spirits.

Part of my path as an Energy Healer and Shamanic Medicine Practitioner started a lot like these chosen Shaman.

A childhood filled with both physical and emotional abuse, sexual assaults and finally a near death experience where I lost every ounce of blood in my body and then some, woke me up enough to understand life was about more than I had been struggling with.

It took a near death experience to help me recognize that there is more to our existence and I hadn't been using my rightful power, although admittedly it took years before I would truly understand how to use it. 

All that time,  I felt like my power had been taken from me. You could say a bit of black magic had been at work, causing harm and pain, anger, feelings of betrayal from others were like arrows in my heart, knives in my back and so on.

These experiences left a bit of an imprint of fear, helplessness and despair, I was literally possessed by entities that did not belong to me.

I lived my life in deep fear, feeling trapped, life felt at times like punishment...all I wanted was to succeed, to live a happy life, free of debt, free of struggle with feelings of safety and love, yet it eluded me.

Yet no matter what I did, how much I achieved, no matter what I proved, still it wasn't enough, still I struggled with debt, my relationships, my health and auto-immune disease, depression, being over-weight and no matter what I couldn't make it go away, until I did.

Until I journeyed to a place in my past where I faced great trauma, where I revisited a place that stole a part of who I was and had replaced it with pain and heavy energy. 

Many of my students and clients are women who have also suffered deep traumatic experiences where their power had also been taken away, they too were imprinted with heaviness and plagued by entities, no matter what they did their struggles continued.

We don't have to look very far to find women who have suffered, we can look to see the, "Me Too," movement, the past not being able to vote, the witches of Salem, not being able to teach men in the churches and many, many more examples of how our power had been taken away.

Today we see a rise in women taking back their power, but still we struggle.

Still we try to prove our worth.

Still we fight depression, anxiety, fear of not being good enough.

Still we hide behind our weight, our partners, our children, even our fancy cars.

We are so busy chasing something we think we want to feel, rather than simply opening up to what is inside of us, the knowing, the guidance and the full use of our power, fully stepping into what is calling us forward. 

Many women are still imprinted with fear, blinded by other people's opinions and restrictions put upon them from long ago and remain stuck.

Many of my clients fight feelings of not enough-ness, fight the pull of being mothers and also wanting a larger than life career. They struggle with their weight, their finances and relationships, all of these areas are tied to the imprints within their Spirit, their Luminous Light Body is weighed down.

Most of what I do in my Shamanic Energy work is clear imprints of our past that include fear, abuse, anger, not enough-ness, and much more "hucha," what the Andean Shamanic practice that I am trained in, call "heavy" energy. 

Most of us are weighed down by this heaviness that it impacts the world we live in, the news articles, the Facebook posts, all filled with fear and it brings great struggles, we continue to live our story of pain over and over again. 

Imprints from these type of traumas and experiences leave a bit of residue on our soul, on our Spirit and the longer it remains within us, the more it works deeper and deeper into our being.

Eventually these imprints work their way onto our physical bodies leading to physical symptoms of pain, depression, dis-ease, anxiety, illness and more. 

As this part of our Shadow grows, we walk around susceptible to other people's shadow and heavy energies, other people's "hucha," leaving ourselves wide open, unprotected and fall victim over and over again.

So how do you heal your spirit and protect yourself from reliving this pain over and over again?

I can promise you this sage, crystals, envisioning a light encompassing you in protection is not enough, and bottom line prescription medication (although it serves a place) is like putting a bandaid over a tac, you are often only masking the symptom and not getting to the root. (P.S DO NOT stop any medications without first consulting your medical Doctor.) 

As a society we are far too out of balance, we have to clear these imprints, this Hucha. First we must start with ourselves, then our families, and society...but it starts first with you.

You must clear those energetic imprints and replace them with the powerful healing light known as, "Sami". This is where a bit of Psychic Surgery and Soul Retrievals come in.

My work as a Shamanic Energy Practitioner is both a physical act of clearing, as well as an energetic and spiritual act of healing. 

At each place of trauma you left a bit of your soul, if you were a child (which most of us were) you left a part of you there, if it were trauma in a past life (which we can also discover) you left some of your gifts and creativity and instead fear replaced it, your full use of power fragmented away.

My work is to journey with you, to help you gather back those fragmented parts and gather back full use of your power and shed all those parts of you that are not of your highest good.

Will you start this journey with me?

I work both here in Southern California or I work through distance energetic work.

To discover which path is right for you please email me at [email protected] 

or CLICK HERE to book a distance energy healing session.




P.S Revisiting your past, the story that lives within you, contains powerful information about the root of your emotional and health patterns so that you can begin to clear the path to healing, however it will not heal you - that happens later. 

Here is where you discover the story that you continue to replay over and over...a bit of where your virtual reality begins. This is where you can rewrite your story, rewrite the way your story ends.





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