Ritual #1: Your 10 Year Challenge, Do This Ritual for Success

Hey There Friend!

The end of the year is upon us, Grandfather Winter is here asking you to be still, to slow down, to put to rest old habits that no longer serve you, and celebrate what you have accomplished, and then of course prepare the way for the next best version of you. 

It's the most "wonderful time of the year," as some would say...but for me it didn't always feel this way.

This time of year would bring a sense of urgency, and act as a reminder that I hadn't accomplished what I wanted, (again) and the year was quickly coming to an end. I was reminded yet another year had gone by and I still wasn't living the life I wanted, I was still stuck. 

Then something changed...I discovered 3 rituals that changed my life...

but more on that in a minute.

Right now I want you to make a decision, do you want to spend another year-end stressed and overwhelmed in a constant state of restriction ... or do you want to create your life with intention and ease, and manifest whatever you set your mind to believe? 


Time is passing you by, you have the opportunity to create the most amazing life, but it takes intention and being mindful in spending it on what matters most. 


With the new decade approaching, now is the perfect time to take a look back, acknowledge what you have overcome, celebrate your wins, recognize your growth and be intentional about what you want to accomplish in this upcoming year. 

Because this is such a special year-end...good bye 2010's, I'm doing a special 3 part series to help you step into your power and access untapped wisdom to help you make the next ten years your best ever! I'll be sharing my special rituals I use to set myself up for growth and success no matter what goal I am achieving. 


You have so much potential ahead of you ,and I'm going to teach you three rituals of intention to unlock your best life yet! 


Ritual #1:

Celebrate Your Past With Intentional Journaling.

Before we begin, it's not enough to simply sit back and take the info in, I want you to DO these exercises. Intentional Journaling is what I teach my students, its so empowering and brings great clarity to see your thoughts on paper. 

How many thoughts in a day do you have and how often do they slip in and then out, we get used to the chatter that clouds our actions. 

Today you are going to get your thoughts out of your head and onto your paper, and begin the art of Intentional Journaling to help you get crystal clear. 


Step 1: Write out your answers to the following: 

  • What are you proud of?
  • What hardships did you over-come? 
  • What did you learn, how did you grow and what success in life can you celebrate since 2010?

Give yourself time to access this info, we are so used to going through the motions, we don't always recognize what we have truly accomplished. Take your time, go through your phone, your calendars, your photos, FB posts, IG etc....Don't skip over this....You can thank me later! This is a photo I discovered in doing this exercise, what a great way to see what has truly changed.


Step 2: Intention is everything, I cannot express this enough.

If you don't know why you are doing something you won't have the energy it takes to complete it.

Look at your list of accomplishments from above, why was this important to you? 

What stands out the most? Why is it important? Be mindful of this, is it truly important to YOU or did you do it out of obligation to make someone else happy? 

Dig deep friends...my students will tell you, I don't settle for surface answers.

Deep and lasting transformation comes from discovering your hidden, disempowered beliefs and they aren't readily available at the surface. 


On the surface I discovered lighting matters and my hair is naturally wavy and I make one hella sexy grandma (My eldest is 24). More importantly is what is shining through in my eyes and vitality:

I discovered who I am and what I am capable of, and I want the same for you.

I broke through some serious hidden beliefs that caused me ridiculous amounts of shame and stress, and said YES to something incredible that I wanted to do, even if nobody else understood why. I knew it was right for ME and I went ALL IN and because of this trust, I experienced some deep spiritual healing in the depths of my soul..

WHY is this important...

You get to live a life of freedom. To live YOUR truth, on your own path to personal empowerment and consciousness, unconditional love and acceptance comes from trusting in who you are and healing the parts of you that says you should be different.


I want you to reach your goals with ease, in FREEDOM and ALIGNMENT. 

When you are in personal alignment and doing what is important to you, NOT what others have told you that you "should" do, a great expansion and spiritual healing takes place. Doors begin to open, lessons no longer have to be hard and painful, but instead can be blissful and goals attained with ease. 

Ritual #2 and #3 for your success will be released over the next few weeks, be sure to stay tuned and get on our Empath Woman Awaken Insider, choose your special gift to accelerate your results and automatically be added to the list.


So stay tuned friends for next week's rituals to help you unlock your limitless potential and create the life you dream of! 


Jen 💜


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