Episode 005: Journey to Wholeness and Living Your Most Spirit Led Life


Hello Dearest Friend, 

Today I want to teach you about uncovering your greatest gifts and releasing what it is that is getting in your way of living your best life, and serving at your greatest capacity.

At 82 pounds overweight I carried shame and fear, but not because of my weight.

Looking back I realize I felt those feelings well before I ever put the weight on with over-eating, and trying to numb out those feelings.

That shame led me to shitty boyfriends in school that abused me physically and emotionally. Did I truly understand my worth if I ended up in those situations?Or ended up in a religion that told me I had to have a husband to make it to the highest realms of heaven? 

I carried deep rooted shame, shame from inner parts of me that needed healed, not shame from my weight, my weight was simply a symptom of the shame I carried.

A couple days ago I had a healing session with a Shaman *gasp* to my Christian friends, this world isn't as scary as it has been made out to be, in fact it's deeply healing and I encourage you to remain open. We did some inner child work, and it was like all of a sudden I remembered who I am. As if I knew all along but somehow it was hidden.

My work with my coaches through the years, and the Shaman healer helped me to uncover where that shame was residing, so I could finally release it. 

My work this week opened up communication to my younger inner child self, that she no longer needed to feel shame, to feel fear or to be afraid of vulnerability, that I would keep that child safe. That the adult part of me would no longer allow her to feel powerless, or that she ever had to prove anything of herself again, not to any person, not to any religion and certainly not to herself. 

The deepest inner parts of me needed to know that she was lovable just as she was, not by the amount of money she spent, the size of her waist, or the success of her business or career. 

Dearest friend if you are reading this, what you are seeking is already within you. No amount of service, no amount of weight loss, no amount of money or success will ever give you what you are seeking to feel. What you are seeking to feel only comes from within.

Do the deep inner work on you and the rest falls into play, this I can promise you.

It doesn't happen overnight, even though I wish it did! I've been doing this inner healing work for almost a decade and I still have breakthroughs. Line upon line, precept upon precept, dimension upon dimension it becomes clearer. 


Until next time friends,

Blessings in Health and Happiness,




P.s Maybe you need support clearing your story and chances are if you are not exactly where you want to be, you do. 

Today as I sit here it's like I have a strength that goes beyond me, as if my ancestors from very long ago are with me, whispering to me, this is what we have wanted for you all along, this is what I want for your son and daughters and grandchildren to come. 

It's interesting because I have felt a shift since my grand-daughter Norah Diane was born. I could see a strength in her eyes, an inner knowing, a determination that she does in fact have a purpose, a mission to serve and it isn't to earn her right back to God. 

It is time for all of us to return to knowing who we are, and consciously operating from that kind of love and strength. 

I gave my Podcast a make-over in light of my own awakening, I hope you will listen in, and if you love it share with a friend and leave a review, 5 star preferably😉

 I hope you find inspiration in my rawness and promise to you to teach in love, authenticity and a whole lot of purpose and of course - PASSION. 🌙💜


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