Jen's Top 4 Essentials to Lose Weight and Keep it Off


If you were on Monday's Facebook Live (catch the replay above) you may have heard me talk about the importance of focusing on the essentials to get to your weight loss goals.

By now you may have tapered off in losing weight, usually by March the once overpacked January gym is empty again, not to say that you haven't continued, if you have that's amazing and I'm super proud of you, AND let's keep going! But for the majority this is what happens. We have likely lost focus of the essentials.


We set big goals, go ALL-IN, change all of our habits, adopt this "New Year, New Me" motto, then boom we get burnt out and our intensity and focus fizzle out.


What if you didn't need a "new me," what if the "old" you is perfect just as she is, but maybe needs a few tweaks to get her to her goal? 

I personally love to operate from a place of empowerment, the achiever, the goal setter and accomplisher....even if it takes me a little longer than expected.


I'll be the first to admit time and time before I have set a big goal, go ALL-IN, and then crash and burn because I went too hard, too fast and couldn't keep the pace.


Does this mean I need a "whole new me," ummm no-no it doesn't, I like who I am.  Just like you don't need a "whole new you." It may mean that it might be helpful to know this about yourself, and make adjustments accordingly.

Awareness is the first step in my Smart Keto Academy Digital Course because if we know ahead of time, our habits, our why's, our disempowered beliefs and stories that keep us stuck, we know how to get around these things. 


Think about it, if you check Google maps before you head out on the road, you see a roadblock, you likely wouldn't go that way if it was going to take you longer, you course correct for the shortest route possible.


Doesn't that feel so much better than getting in your head and beating yourself up, and saying you need a new you, or stopping all together because it gets too difficult, or it isn't happening as fast as you like?


This brings me to the 5 essentials that need to be in place and align in order to meet and sustain your weight loss goals.


  • Personal Belief
  • Accountability
  • Clarity
  • Consistency


If any of these essentials are missing it is like missing the ingredient in a cake, the entire recipe won't likely turn out and certainly won't taste as good. Let's expand shall we?


-Personal Belief- We talked a bit about awareness already and if you downloaded my Emotional Eating Masterclass then you already received these tools to help bring your personal belief to the surface and hopefully get you in the right mindset to move forward toward your goals. (If you have any trouble downloading email [email protected] and let's get it to you.)

-Accountability- Time and time again the one thing that most all weight loss programs agree on and studies prove, is accountability is vital for success. So whether you hire me as your coach, join my upcoming group coaching or apply to be a VIP client, or heck maybe you can't stand me and choose another coach, please do so for your own good. You are more likely to succeed when you have accountability. You may also want to join my FREE FB SUPPORT GROUP.

-Clarity- This also points back to the workbook, as you will receive so much clarity about yourself and what might be getting in your way. You are also going to want to know what works for your specific body and life, what foods burn the most fat, what exercises truly help with toning the body, and understanding strategies that are going to be the most effective for you personally. This is clarity and once you have a clear understanding you can make a plan and follow through. I can help you get even more clarity about next steps with this free gift for being a part of my tribe: a 20 Min. Weight Loss Strategy Session I want to see you succeed, in fact I know you can as long as you have the right tools and keep going.

-Consistency-  When you watch the video above or join our private Facebook group (I actually get a bit more personal there in the group about what finally got me to the place to really focus and follow through) anyhow in the videos I expand on this a bit. So go check out the videos, watch them again and if you would like to know the two books I talk about they are:  The War of Art, and Essentialism.


In his book "The War of Art", Steven Pressfield calls the person who sees his work to the end the "Professional."  Steven writes this, "The Professional arms himself with patience, not only to give the stars time to align, but to keep himself from flaming out." He knows that any job, takes twice as long and costs twice as much, he accepts that. He recognizes its as reality." 

I paraphrased a bit, and he is talking about creativity and writing, or a new project, but applying this to weight loss we can see that we set out to lose a bunch of weight super fast, we change everything about the way we do things, sometimes go to extremes and expect to finish a marathon at a sprint pace. This is not sustainable. We burn out, or "flame out" as Steven says.


What I see in my clients and myself, is that sustainable weight loss happens when it jives with your lifestyle, when it becomes a part of the way you live your life, and includes actions that you can consistently do, for the long haul.


Simple, small tweaks that meet you right where you're at in life, busyness and all, this is what works. This is how I lost 70 pounds, it is how my friends lost 130 pounds, 100 pounds, 50 pounds and so on, it's the journey we enjoy and we eventually figured out the quick fix does not work.

Whether you are in the thick of raising 4 young children, homeschooling and running a business, or a single mom with a kick ass career that eats up most of the hours in your day, or a single woman thriving in her career...bottom line it has to work for your life, or it won't work.

The last thing I will say before I go: Focus on the essentials.

In the book I recommended above teaches you how to sort through all the noise by first understanding what is going to support your highest good and greatest potential.  I save you 260 pages of reading in my 13 pg. workbook. The essentials are in there and several parts to Woman Awakening is about becoming conscious and mindful about what exactly you want, what is likely getting in your way and then action steps to create a plan and get you to your highest potential.


I know you have handled your business and get a lot done, you run your household, you serve those around you, you constantly do for others, please allow me to gently remind you to also show up for yourself.


Hire the coach, take my digital course, download the Emotional Eating Masterclass, and Keto Done Right and find out what exactly works for you....Discover your OWN unique essentials for lasting weight loss. 


Until next time, keep shining your light, your goodness and showing up for your highest potential and purpose.

Blessings in Health and Happiness,

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