Ritual #3: Truth or Dare and Your Secret Map to Success

Now comes the good stuff, it's time to practice some serious transformational magic! Don't worry if you've missed the first two rituals you can find them below.


It's time my friend to get real about who you are and what you want, no more hiding and living behind someone else's veil.

Today's Empath Woman Awaken Ritual is going to teach you how to shed the old stories that keep you stuck, and embark on a new empowering journey.

Get out your journal, it's time to reach into the depths of your soul and uncover what it is you truly want and how you are going to get there.


Ritual #3: Authenticity Truth or Dare 

In this exercise I'm going to ask you to look at the POSSIBILITIES before the probability!

You're about to put the cart WAAAAAAYYYYY before the horse!

If one of my students had only focused on what was probable, do you think she'd  be making 6 figures a year, only working 12 days a month and spending the rest of her time with her family and horses....

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Jen's Top 4 Essentials to Lose Weight and Keep it Off


If you were on Monday's Facebook Live (catch the replay above) you may have heard me talk about the importance of focusing on the essentials to get to your weight loss goals.

By now you may have tapered off in losing weight, usually by March the once overpacked January gym is empty again, not to say that you haven't continued, if you have that's amazing and I'm super proud of you, AND let's keep going! But for the majority this is what happens. We have likely lost focus of the essentials.


We set big goals, go ALL-IN, change all of our habits, adopt this "New Year, New Me" motto, then boom we get burnt out and our intensity and focus fizzle out.


What if you didn't need a "new me," what if the "old" you is perfect just as she is, but maybe needs a few tweaks to get her to her goal? 

I personally love to operate from a place of empowerment, the achiever, the goal setter and accomplisher....even if it takes me a little longer than expected.



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