Episode 012: The Secret to Manifesting Happier Relationships

Hey There Friends! 

Hope y'all are doing amazing, right before I recorded this episode I went on a 7.5 hike with a buddy and laughed like I haven't laughed in years....and you know what, I was right in the middle of some serious relationship drama! 

I tell you this only because I always promise to be real with you, I don't want you to ever think that in order to share your wisdom and help uplift another person, you have to have it all together....the truth is we are all human having a human experience and are meant to grow. I personally want to grow and grow and grow...


Let's chat relationships shall we? 


When I talk about relationships during this episode I am talking about anyone and everyone you wish to leave that interaction feeling happy, full of joy and full of good energy, rather than the opposite.

If you are a yeller (or wish you could yell), sometimes over-reacting to finally feel heard or valued, then this episode is for you. 

If you have people in your life whether it be a partner, a child, a co-worker, and or extended family member where you just feel out of control or drained after interacting with them, then please stay tuned. 


This week's podcast episode of The Empath Woman Awaken Podcast  I share the secrets to manifesting and co-creating happier relationships in your life. (Even if the other person is uncooperative.)


Our emotions are the epicenter of our vibrational state, in my mind emotions are simply a vibration in our body.

Anger, fear, frustration are all low energy, draining type feelings and emotions.

Joy, happiness, gratitude are all uplifting and energy raising feelings that I hope you want to feel more of!

Learning how to manage those vibrations is the key to attracting more of what you want and less of what you don't want, like yelling at our kids to motivate them to get anything done, or coming home from work completely mentally and physically exhausted and drained, which of course leads to even more emotional upsets.


Tune in as I teach you how to tap into your higher power, and set energetic boundaries that can often lead to happier relationships, greater success, and a healthier and happier life.


In this Podcast episode I teach you:

  • How-to raise your vibrations and manifest happier relationships.
  • The simple steps you can take today to set boundaries with people who may be hard to get along with or draining you.
  • How-to stop sending a beacon to attract more unhealthy and draining relationships.
  • How-to manage your thoughts and emotions so you can live a life you truly enjoy, even if everything you've tried hasn't worked before.
  • How to create balance and harmony in a life that sometimes feels a bit overwhelming. 


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Until next time! Blessings friends,




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