Episode 003: Avoid The Pain I Went Through, Keto The Right Way For Women


 In a State of Desperation Willing to Do Anything to Lose Weight, I Found Myself Extremely Sick, Facing A Cancer Scare, Autoimmune and Pain Over My Entire Body - AFTER Losing 70 Pounds.



I want to get a little more personal with you today and share why I am so passionate about making sure you understand the right way to do Keto, and quite frankly the right way to lose your weight.


In my desperation I fell prey to the weight loss companies knowing I would do anything to lose my weight.

 The shakes, the bars, the pills, the shots, the ready made meals, the point system, you name it I had tried it ...

My last resort was a Keto-ish diet and yes, I lost 70 pounds but ended up in the worst shape of my life.


I found myself extremely sick, facing a Cancer scare, autoimmune disease, pain over my entire body. 

 I literally had to claw my way back to good health. I did it, I healed my gut, manage my autoimmune, don't have Cancer, and kept the 70 pounds off, in a much more healthy and sustainable way that allows me to experience true wellness. (Oh and lost another 31 pounds in my 40's.)

That's why I am so passionate about teaching you the Smart Keto Academy Way to do Keto right. 

Your wellness is so much more important than any number on the scale.


 In this weeks Podcast episode I share how to avoid what I did, and instead make wise decisions about the food you put into your body.

 I share the pitfalls some people find themselves in and give you clarity around what it means to do "Keto the Right Way, the Smart Keto Academy way."

I see far too many people doing Keto without an understanding of how to do it properly, in the most healthful way.


Weight loss is nothing if like me, you end up more ill than when you started. 


In this episode you will learn:

  • Keto the Right Way for Women
  • How to build a healthy Keto plate without counting macros or calories
  • What Keto foods should NEVER end up on your plate
  • What true wellness is and how you achieve it
  • A little spiritual mojo to help you dig deep and find out if Smart Keto Academy is right for you


With awareness and intention, it is possible to do Keto in the smart and strategic way that supports your whole being and true wellness.

I'm here to support you and have created a special course to help you. 


Smart Keto Academy, a 4 Module digital course, designed to give you clarity, confidence, a clear plan and success priority registration begins May 21st.



Blessings in Health and Happiness,

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