Episode 007: Intentional Space for Success with Melanie Scott

Hey There Friend,

This week over on The Empath Woman Awaken Podcast, I had a special guest and we talk all things overwhelm, and how instead you can be more empowered to feel exactly the way you want to feel.

I don't know about you, but before I had a handle on my intense feelings, overwhelm was a familiar friend.

Before I get into the episode, and how you can lower your feelings of overwhelm by being intentional with the space you create.

I want to help you understand that overwhelm isn't actually a true thing. (Even if it feels like it.)

It's an emotion, driven by your thoughts.

The best part is that you get to master your mind and therefore master your thoughts.

The key is being willing to pay attention to your thoughts, and recognize them for what they are.

I'm curious if you ever find yourself "numbing out," and not wanting to feel anything, using things like, over-eating, over-drinking, over-spending and even over stuffing your house, and closet with things.

In this weeks Empath Woman Awaken Podcast, I chat with my soul sister friend and guest, Melanie Scott of Intentional Spaces.

We talk about how you can stop over_____, you fill in the blank and be more empowered to feel how you want to feel.

We teach you how to be intentional with your physical environment and your thoughts, so you can create feelings of freedom, clarity and even lessen the feeling of overwhelm. 

In this episode you will learn how:

  • Declutter and destress your home for physical, emotional and spiritual success.
  • Your home is a reflection of what you feel on the inside and what you may be trying to avoid.
  • Clutter is a symptom of not wanting to feels so much, and what empowered actions you can take instead.
  • To process your emotions and learn how to manage them, rather than stuff them, even when in feels like too much.

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