The Number One Thing We Get Wrong About Manifesting Our Dreams Into Reality.

Have you ever shut down your manifestation goals with:


"There's just no way, it's ridiculous to even think I can, whom am I anyway."

"There just isn't enough time, money or me to go around and get it all done."

"I've tried before and it didn't work."


Yeah this gal right here has, probably a few more times than I'd like to admit! 

I've just got back after spending 6 days with my grandbaby. Norah just turned one and she reminded me of what it's like to seamlessly go after what you want without fear. 


When we were kids we dreamt big, we tried things without fear or pre-conceived notions and we just knew we could do it, even if it took us a few tries.

Then we grew up, life kicked us around a bit and we figured out that life doesn't always go as planned and sometimes it hurts...a lot and maybe we should stop doing those things that aren't comfortable.

I've been studying the art of transformation and manifestation for a lot of years now.

When I started this process my life was messy, REALLY messy. I had been knocked down a few times and if it wasn't for my fortitude and something deep inside stirring me to get up, even when knocked around a bit...I would have quit.


I could have surrendered to the voice screaming, "stay down, for heaven's sake - stay down" and settled, so can you, but is that really what you want? 

Hang on to your dreams and what is calling you forward. It is only there that you will discover and develop your greatest spiritual gifts and abilities and truly understand what you are capable of.  

I want you to be able to look back with gratitude for the lessons you are learning, to find healing through the struggles and trials, and share them with others too. 


It's in the greatest of trials that you find what you are truly capable of and find your real strength, beauty and abilities. 

Your ability to create whatever you want is absolutely inside of you, it is inside of each of us.

In fact you are creating right now, it just might not be exactly the dream you had in mind...but it's there.

It’s your God given right to create, it's the foundation of who you are, who we are as a species.

The problem is, we’re usually too busy chasing people’s approval or staying within our comfort zone and doing things as we've always done.

Quite frankly it's just easier to complain and/or accept less than what we are capable of, rather than do the work, invest the time, energy and money. 

 Today I want you to find stillness within the chaos around you.


In order to see things clearly, as they truly are, you have to step out of your ordinary reality, outside your limitations and view from a completely different set of eyes.

A set of eyes that dreams your vision into reality, with the clarity and clear steps necessary to get there. 

 Think back to when you were learning to walk, you didn't quit because it was too hard, or not going as planned, you found a way. You found your resolve and stayed the path. 

Ask yourself what your beliefs currently are? You have imprints on your soul, they either feed you with energy of belief or keep you stuck and drain you of that belief. It is why the work I do around Soul Retrieval, Past Lives and Inner Child work is so powerful. You reclaim those parts of you that fragmented and weakened because of trauma and pain.  You rediscover your power and how to use it to get what you want.

How do you know if you need this work?

Do you see yourself in this scenario: You set a goal for yourself and want to manifest something new, you're excited and getting some traction, then then things get hard, don't go as planned, someone says something, work gets demanding, kids and partners start wanting something from you. 

What do you do?

Do you stay the course and find a way either through the storm or around it....if you do....you succeed.  I want you to succeed. 


Bottom line anything I've ever succeeded in took some serious resolve and I'm willing to teach you how....but first you must know that the path is not always easy, and requires personal commitment and responsibility.

You have to realize your own power. Blaming others, your genetics, your body's metabolism, the lack of time, or waiting for someone in your life to give you permission is not going to get you where you want to be. 

Understand that transformation is a bit like a snow-globe, it takes a bit of up-heaval before things settle into where they are meant to be.


"When you start to realize that transformation isn't an adornment to your existing life, but it's a complete unraveling, everything changes." Roshi Joan Halifax

Stop expecting transformation to be comfortable.

It is up to you to decide if it is worth it or not, and then surrender to the support that you have and simply say yes. 

Many Blessings Friends. 



I am now offering Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions. If you are familiar with Reiki energy, think of Shamanic Energy Healing as a snow-blower compared to a hair dryer. Reiki is light and refined and disrupts the energy that doesn't belong, Shamanic energy moves that disruptive energy out and replaces it with Sami or Healing Light Energy while strengthening and illuminating your energy body. 

I offer Soul Retrieval, Past Lives and Inner Child Work, Extractions of Intrusive Energy and Chakra and Aura Cleansing as well as Tarot Readings. Simply hit reply to this email to learn more and book a session. I offer both distance and in person sessions. 

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