Ritual #3: Truth or Dare and Your Secret Map to Success

Now comes the good stuff, it's time to practice some serious transformational magic! Don't worry if you've missed the first two rituals you can find them below.


It's time my friend to get real about who you are and what you want, no more hiding and living behind someone else's veil.

Today's Empath Woman Awaken Ritual is going to teach you how to shed the old stories that keep you stuck, and embark on a new empowering journey.

Get out your journal, it's time to reach into the depths of your soul and uncover what it is you truly want and how you are going to get there.


Ritual #3: Authenticity Truth or Dare 

In this exercise I'm going to ask you to look at the POSSIBILITIES before the probability!

You're about to put the cart WAAAAAAYYYYY before the horse!

If one of my students had only focused on what was probable, do you think she'd  be making 6 figures a year, only working 12 days a month and spending the rest of her time with her family and horses. Probably not.

Or my student who had sacrificed and stayed hidden behind her weight so others wouldn't feel bad, I did it too, "okay I'll have a piece of the dessert you made, (even though you know I'm trying to lose weight). Oh you brought pizza AGAIN, that was nice of you to bring that box of candy." 

You have a beautiful heart and care deeply about people, I honor that in you. But it's time to set boundaries, so you can say YES to what you truly want, today you discover what exactly that is.


 Step 1: TRUTH

I want you to dream, stick your head in the clouds, talk to imaginary friends and tap into your imagination for just a moment....Be a rebel for a minute and forget all the things you were scolded for as a kid. 

Ask and Write: Where in your life do you want to experience something different? Be as detailed as possible, ideally if you could wave a magic wand and your dreams come true, what would your life look like? Dig deep and speak your TRUTH.

  • Is it in your health and well-being?
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Career or business
  • Philanthropy - Maybe start your own non-profit or fundraise for a good cause? 

Think about the toxic emotions that drain you like overwhelm, stress, insecurity exhaustion, frustration -

Now replace those with what you want instead, maybe more freedom, fulfillment, confidence to feel good in your skin - flexibility? 


Step 2: Dare to Dream - Your Top 3 Most Important Goals

Go back over what you wrote down in your journal from above and follow these next 4 powerful steps.  

  • Prioritize: Circle the 3 MOST important goals you will work on over the next 12 months. 
  • Discover Authenticity: Why are these 3 goals important to you? As someone who cares deeply, most of my why's are steeped in the well-being of others, but sometimes we have to do things for ourselves.

When I set out to lose 82 lbs, I said I wanted more confidence, which I absolutely did, but what I truly wanted was to feel was comfortable in my own skin and have the confidence to connect with people on a deeper level, rather than be in my head in insecurity. 

Maybe you want that promotion or to build a thriving business so you can be more available to your loved ones, or improve your health and well-being so you can run and play for years to come and enjoy every minute of life, maybe the confidence you want, is so that you can step out with confidence and help as many people as possible. 

  • Redesign Your Life: Who do you need to become in order to reach these goals.

What habits, new skills and thoughts, personality traits do you need to develop in order to accomplish these goals? I am not the same person I was when I weighed over 215 pounds, I had to learn new habits that supported a lifetime of wellness. It's not enough to follow a food list, it is 100% about habit change in order to succeed.

How are you going to do this?


Step 3: Journey to Embody Your Future Self

You're going to have to trust me on this next step. This is a powerful exercise to help you tap into your divine intuition and inner wisdom. You've had these goals tugging at your heart for a reason, it's time to finally reach them. 

  • Write a Letter From Your Future Self. 

Trust that if you are seeing it- it's already occurring, its why our top athletes all over the world practice visualization, it works. 

It's time to let go of needing permission - waiting for someone else to tell you its okay.

Today you give yourself permission to want what you want and achieve your goals.

Tap into your imagination and pretend you have achieved your goals from above, and now write a letter to yourself from the future. What do you need to know?


Begin your letter with something like this.... 

Dear ________,

I am so proud of you for not giving up. I know how frustrating it has been for you, so I am writing this letter to give you hope and encouragement to keep going.

What I need you to know most is __________.

This is what is getting in your way and what is most important to overcome ___________.

I'd love for you to remember what you have achieved in the past, look at  __________________ and remember what you are capable of. 

And one more thing, it is so very easy to get overwhelmed and distracted so I want you to focus on __________, in order to get here.


P.s This is the kind of meditations I take my clients through to meet their guides and intuition and find these answers, if you haven't done something like this before be patient with yourself, or if you don't want to have to figure it all out on your own, you can CLICK HERE and book a single session with me today.  

I know this might seem a little weird, but it’s empowering stuff. It helps you access deep inner truths that you'll be so glad you discovered— before the next 5 years pass on by.

Nice job. If you’ve completed all three parts of this series, you now have an invaluable success map of personal wisdom, that’s going to help you make the next few years more meaningful and joyful. 

If you missed the first two transformational rituals, you can find them here:

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Until next time,  I wish you many Blessings,


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