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Episode 002: Eliminate Overwhelm & Streamline Your Weight Loss Efforts


Frustrated with Your Weight Loss Efforts, Feeling like Your Weight Just Isn't Coming Off Quick Enough?

Ever wish you could just let go of the frustration of weight loss, and get to your goal without all the drama? How many times have you tried the newest rave everyone is talking about with great excitement and hope, but then it doesn't work for you? 


I personally want you to spend time on things that matter.

Not on figuring out what you can and can't eat, what to cook that somehow everybody in the family will actually eat, and what is and isn't on your diet this week.

Don't get me wrong, health is important and if you don't have your health life gets really hard. But I want to help you let go of all the frustration, and give you that step-by-step instruction that actually works. 


In today's Podcast episode I'm sharing what overwhelm really is, and how you can move past it with clarity and clear understanding, to streamline your...

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The Secret To Finding the Perfect Plan After 40

Today I want to share with you the secret I discovered that made all the difference for weight loss after I turned 40.

A decade ago I was thrilled with losing 70 pounds and that weight stayed off, until I hit my 40's.

Then all of a sudden what I had been doing no longer worked, my weight slowly crept back on, my body began to hurt and my hormones went a little wacky!

I went nose to the books, taking courses, and threw myself into research, I wanted to know what was going on and what I could do. 

I kept reading about Keto, but the problem was as a Health Coach, I was unhappy with what I saw. 

So I dove deeper into understanding women's hormones, why Keto works, and losing weight. I continued to read, listen to Podcasts, and throw myself into more courses to master my craft as a Health and Weight Loss Coach.

One day, everything changed.

Finally I found the secret, and effortlessly released 31 pounds!

Click here to watch video two about the secret that made the...

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Weight Loss and Keto Done Right w/ Recipe Included


I've got a question for you friend, what do you think about when it comes to losing weight? Do you assume that you will have to go without the foods you love and feel hungry most of the time? 

While this is true for most fad diets that leave people feeling lethargic and with no energy, it doesn't have to be true for you.

My commitment to you is that I teach you to how to never have to diet again, that you feel total freedom around food, and learn how to alleviate the feelings of restriction and deprivation for good.

I don't ever want you to go back to the old habits that pile the pounds back on (again). Of course, your diet plays an important role in your weight. Most doctors will agree that to lose weight in a healthy and balanced way it's important to make proper lifestyle choices, but is that enough? 


What if you have an idea of what to eat, but life gets in the way and you don't FEEL like eating that way.


You have a bit of confusion...

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7 Time Saving - Weight Loss Hacks for Busy Moms

I get it you are busy, actually to say you are busy may even be an understatement. You have a busy career, kids to taxi around, church or community events to serve in, dinner to be made and laundry to be done. So how on earth do you fit weight loss into your already full schedule?

I used to feel this way too, when I weighed over 210 pounds I was exhausted, and barely getting by with the energy I had, to even think about adding another item to my to-do list was a bit much.

I want to help teach you what I learned along my journey of releasing 70 pounds, so weight loss doesn't feel like a chore, but instead you get really excited about starting because I teach you what actually works. 

Here are my top seven hacks to help you start losing weight now. I promise you that if you use the simple yet powerful tools I give you, you can't help but have success. 


Put your health first. This was so hard for me!! I was so used to giving to everyone else and really felt guilty...

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Jen's Top 4 Essentials to Lose Weight and Keep it Off


If you were on Monday's Facebook Live (catch the replay above) you may have heard me talk about the importance of focusing on the essentials to get to your weight loss goals.

By now you may have tapered off in losing weight, usually by March the once overpacked January gym is empty again, not to say that you haven't continued, if you have that's amazing and I'm super proud of you, AND let's keep going! But for the majority this is what happens. We have likely lost focus of the essentials.


We set big goals, go ALL-IN, change all of our habits, adopt this "New Year, New Me" motto, then boom we get burnt out and our intensity and focus fizzle out.


What if you didn't need a "new me," what if the "old" you is perfect just as she is, but maybe needs a few tweaks to get her to her goal? 

I personally love to operate from a place of empowerment, the achiever, the goal setter and accomplisher....even if it takes me a little longer than expected.



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How to Overcome Weight Loss Resistance & Why Your Food Choices May Not Matter


Feel like it’s taking forever to lose the weight? Concerned that all your hard work is for nothing?

Maybe you’re really starting to wonder if you have what it takes to stay in the long haul and lose this weight for good? 

Today I did a Weight Loss Minute with Jen and I share what it truly takes to succeed at getting to your goals. Be sure to watch the short clip above.

As many of you know I released 70 pounds almost a decade ago, and I assure you my path was anything but straight. I had failures along the way, lost weight to gain it back, tried this diet and that one. But I didn't quit.

Maybe you feel like you aren't sure you want to keep going.  Beginning to doubt your ability to stay in the game. Life is too busy, you don't have time and it feels overwhelming. 

It's time to stop with your old stories that keep you stuck.

No more self doubt, it's not going to get you to where you want to be. It's time to draw a line in the sand and say THIS IS IT,...

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